"Your taste experience in Maremma"

Maremma in Tuscany

What makes you think "Maremma"?

This land is not only the geographical location of a part of Tuscany, but it is a real way of life.

Rolling hills, golden beaches, breathtaking views, medieval villages and spa oasis rich in history...but that is not all.

The Maremma testifies throughout its long history, the culture and the art of millennia, through the effort and sacrifice of its people who fought against an opposing nature to rip it the minimum to survive.

Our aim is not just to meet you and take you to visit the most hidden corners and interesting places, but to help you discover the soul of true "Maremmano".

The old traditions, food and wine made from real products of this land, the scent of nature and craftsmanship made with real passion.

We offer not only a place to stay but emotions, the same ones that we feel, with the hope of seeing you return to take you on a new adventure.

These are just a few of the "Maremma experiences” that we propose.