"Your taste experience in Maremma"

Convivial garden

Welcome in our convivial garden in Maremma Tuscany

As everyone knows, the garden is a piece of land from which, after processing, produces fruits, vegetables, flowers, shrubs and ornamental plants. For us it is much more ...

The garden, made with passion and respecting nature, is the essential source of those raw materials that nourish us all and which form the basis of a healthy, simple and tasty diet.

The smell of damp earth and cultivated plants awaken a feeling of true nature and country life. The taste of a fresh-picked fruit or vegetables is totally unique!

Garden in one word is life!

We have set up a friendly space in our garden, so that we can organize evenings with theme dinners, giving you the opportunity to taste our products "at ground level”.

Aperitif in the garden and dinner on the farm!